Concrete Recycling vs. Concrete Dumping

For both economic and environmental reasons it makes sense to take trash and garbage to a landfill or garbage dump.  And to take dirt, rocks, and clean fill to a Clean Fill Reclamation Site like Gill Quarries – Gill Clean Fill, or one of our Clean Fill Site competitors.  But what about used Concrete?

In the old days there really wasn’t Concrete Recycling so used concrete was usually dumped at landfills. More recently Concrete Recycling often makes economic sense and offers a strong alternative to dumping. So if your local area offers both type of facilities, what factors will help you make the best choice?

Environmentally Concrete Recycling is clearly the better alternative to dumping. According to Wikipedia using a portable Concrete Crusher on site reduces both costs and pollution. Portable Crushers like the type Gill Quarries rents out, can crush up to 500 tons of concrete per hour. And if needed dump trucks are available for renting as well.

Despite many positives it is the rare customer who can afford to “pay extra” for the benefit of  recycling concrete.  So economic factors will clearly be the deciding reason more often than not.

Since all legal dumping and drop off fees are set locally it isn’t really possible to generalize about pricing by type of facility. But in highly competitive markets most facilities tend to offer fairly similar pricing.

Like all heavy materials, transportation and shipping costs of crushed concrete are a very significant part of the total cost. So it usually worth a couple of phone calls to determine which Concrete Dump Site facility is most economical for a particular job site.

Another very important but often overlooked economic factor is facility hours. Due to local regulations and agreements most Clean Fill Sites and Quarries close by 2PM. While Gill Quarries – Concrete Recycling Center is open until 4PM on Weekdays and noon on Saturdays. Those extra hours often open up the ability to dump a second or extra load per day. If this extra time helps earn a completion bonus or reduces truck and worker idle time those cost savings can dwarf the actual dumping cost, and increase your profits.

And when you need crushed and recycled concrete aggregate for your next project Gill Quarries provides that for only $6 per ton. That’s over three pounds per penny, talk about a bargain.

At Gill Quarries – A Concrete Dump Site, we can’t promise we will always have the lowest after transportation cost. But we can promise we will always have a competitive rate, so please give us a call at 484-991-8450 to quote your next job. And the closer you are to our central Montgomery County location the more likely we are to be your best choice.

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