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Ratoskey and Trainor of Gill Quarry Q & A

Community leaders Rob Ratoskey and Ray Trainor were already well established as Ratoskey and Trainor, when they expanded the business by buying Gill Quarries Inc. From an operations standpoint Ratoskey and Trainor, Gill Quarry, and Gill Clean Fill operate more like a single combined operation than separately staffed divisions.

The combined businesses move thousands of tons of: Rocks, Stones, Dirt, Soil, Mulch, Compost, Crushed Concrete, and Clean Fill. And moving heavy loads like that requires a lot of heavy equipment.  And to optimize Service, Warranty, and up-time it makes sense to standardize on a single brand of equipment as much as possible. In the below Q & A – Ratoskey and Trainor explain why Doosan has become the leading equipment brand for them.


Q – Tell us a little bit about your background and various businesses.


Ray Trainor – I got started working in High School, I did Wood, Concrete, and then I started operating equipment for a friend of mine. And ever since then its been one new piece of equipment after another you might say.


Rob Ratoskey – Our company mainly does demolition excavation work, and we also have a quarry. We mine stone, we do crushing, concrete recycling, and clean fill reclamation.


Q – Tell us about the heavy equipment you use in and around the Quarry.


Ray Trainor – We are pretty diversified I guess, we do a lot of different things. Everything is handled pretty much by Doosan product now.


Rob Ratoskey – We beat up our equipment a lot, with Doosan it has really held up well for us. We have pretty much everything Doosan makes; we have 8 Track-hoes (Tracked Excavators) and  5 loaders.  We have a couple other brands of Rock Trucks, and we brought the new Doosan Rock Truck in (and) it almost lapped the other trucks. And that made a big difference in how much material we were able to process that day.


We just got delivery of the (Doosan) 490 Excavator today, and that’s been a big help too with the bucket size and how much material it can handle.

We just got a new mini (Excavator), and we are definitely loving it and enjoying it. It is so versatile, we will use the (Doosan) mini excavator almost more than any piece of equipment.


Q – How important is Warranty and Service?


Ray Trainor – We always get the extended warranty, because you never know.


Rob Ratoskey – It really works out well, because you have that unforeseen problem and then its taken care of. With the warranty work we don’t have to wait long to get the service done.


Ray Trainor – The value is in no down time. Honestly, three people standing around looking at each other when something doesn’t work… it kills me. We just have been strong, we don’t miss a beat, we don’t miss a day.

When you know what is going on in the machine, you just have a heads up; we had a hydraulic issue and the machine told us that it was a backing for an O-Ring, a small tiny little piece of plastic, it just said failure in this circuit or whatever bing-bang-boom in two minutes we had it taken apart and fixed.


Our Dealer Best Line has very good service for us.


Rob Ratoskey – We like that Armand, he’s our main guy, we can call him anytime day or night. If we have anything that’s down, by the end of the day or the next day, they will be out to service our equipment.


Armand Cencetti (Best Line) – It’s all about who you have supporting it. If you don’t have a manufacturer and a dealer supporting it, it is worth nothing. At Doosan and Best Line We support our customers.


Rob Ratoskey – The Doosan (Equipment) actually does hold up very well for us. We have very minimum down time. The service has been great (and) the fuel efficiency has been good. At the end of the day it really has been a good product for us.


Note – The above Q & A was adapted from a recent Doosan testimonial video. With addition writing by Philly Local SEO.  You can see video, with the equipment in action,  on YouTube and in our used equipment for sale section.