Clean Fill – Clean Fill consists of solid uncontaminated materials and can include: soil, rock, stone, used asphalt, brick, or concrete. Clean Fill is often removed from construction sites and projects and then recycled for use in other construction projects. In Pennsylvania Clean Fill and Clean Fill Reclamation Sites are regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or PA DEP.

Clean Fill Reclamation is the process of removing Clean Fill from one site to be recycled and used to reclaim another site. This normally requires a Clean Fill Reclamation Site to accept and store the Clean Fill until it is ready to be used again. In Pennsylvania Clean Fill Reclamation Sites must be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or PA D.E.P.  for short.

Concrete Dump Site– A Concrete Dump Site can be any facility that accepts used concrete such as a landfill, garbage dump, clean fill reclamation site, or concrete recycling center.
Usually Clean Fill Sites and Concrete Recycling Centers recycle the used concrete, while landfills and dumps generally don’t have the ability to recycle.

Concrete Recycling Center – A Concrete Recycling Center crushes used concrete, or accepts crushed concrete to be recycled for use in other projects.
The crushed concrete pieces are often used for fill, road base, or Riprap. Due to sizing and other issues it is less common for crushed (old) concrete to be used as aggregate to make “new” concrete mix.