Quarry – A quarry is a type of mine, usually open pit, for various rocks and stones. Quarries are often referred to as a Rock Quarry or Stone Quarry to differentiate from the alternate meaning of the word. And are sometimes specified by type of rock such as a Marble Quarry or Limestone Quarry. Quarry products have many uses including: Construction, Landscaping, Road Base, drainage, and erosion prevention, etc. For contractors and consumers a Quarry can offer wholesale prices for larger than trunk-load quantities of rock and stone.

Clean Fill – Clean Fill consists of solid uncontaminated materials and can include: soil, rock, stone, used asphalt, brick, or concrete. Clean Fill is often removed from construction sites and projects and then recycled for use in other construction projects. In Pennsylvania Clean Fill and Clean Fill Reclamation Sites are regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or PA DEP. Additional local regulations regarding Clean Fill are common as well.

Clean Fill Reclamation is the process of removing Clean Fill from one site to be recycled and used to reclaim another site. This normally requires a Clean Fill Reclamation Site to accept and store the Clean Fill until it is ready to be used again. In Pennsylvania Clean Fill Reclamation Sites must be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or PA D.E.P.  for short.

Concrete Dump Site– A Concrete Dump Site can be any facility that accepts used concrete such as a landfill, garbage dump, clean fill reclamation site, or concrete recycling center.
Usually Clean Fill Sites and Concrete Recycling Centers recycle the used concrete, while landfills and dumps generally don’t have the ability to recycle.

Concrete Recycling Center – A Concrete Recycling Center crushes used concrete, or accepts crushed concrete to be recycled for use in other projects.
The crushed concrete pieces are often used for fill, road base, or RipRap. Due to sizing and other issues it is less common for crushed (old) concrete to be used as aggregate to make “new” concrete mix.

Rock Crusher – A Rock Crusher or Stone Crusher is an industrial machine used to crush larger rocks or stones into smaller pieces or gravel. It often takes several steps or crushers to reduce large rocks to gravel size rock.

Rock Screen – A Rock Screen sorts and separates rocks by size. Usually used in conjunction with a Rock Crusher the Rock Screen is the key to making sure final product is processed to the correct size for the end user.

A clean fill reclamation site is important to have locally to your next job, we are 20 minutes from the PA turnpike interchange of Plymouth Meeting PA. Now a concrete dump site is basically the same thing. You may be a landscaper with a dumpster full of old concrete, bricks and rocks and need to find a concrete dump site near you. Give us a call at 484-991-8450 and we will be glad yo take that material.

Construction & Demolition Materials – Montgomery County defines Construction and Demolition materials as non-hazardous uncontaminated material resulting from construction, remodeling or repair resulting from the demolition of utilities, structures or roads. Gill Quarries accepts Construction & Demolition material that qualify as Clean Fill.

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